How NOT to Handle Course Selection

A freshman's view of choosing classes

As a freshman who sort of has a clue on what she wants in life, course selection was fairly smooth with small bumps in the road. The class meetings were probably my least favorite part. Not because most of the people I despise in my grade fall under the category of an A-Er last name. Or because class of 2023 is highly obnoxious and the fact that there was a big chunk of students in a room which made the room stuffy and borderline musty.

I feel like everything that was told to me was redundant since I was probably the only person sitting in the meeting who was trying to pay attention while my fellow classmates saw this as a time to socialize. The packets we were given were pretty self-explanatory. Plus, I barely heard any information that was told to us because there were too many people in the room who just didn’t care to hear this information at all.

When I first opened my packet and looked at all the offered courses, my head self-destructed. The choices and rows of courses overwhelmed me. Throughout the whole week, the only thing on my mind was fear that I would choose the wrong courses, but going on the Panther Den tours actually eased my mind about all my decisions and played one of the biggest factors in choosing courses.

However, the inner scholar in me chose to explore courses that I feel would benefit me, while the inner teenage girl in me also chose to explore courses with my best friends, Ruby and Grace, just so we could all be in the same Panther Den for once. I did enjoy being able to explore and thoroughly learn about what every course has in store and if it could be the right fit for me rather than blindly entering a course with no clue what I am in for.

I toured AP Capstone, WHAP, and English III PreAp. The teachers of each of those courses were so welcoming and eased my baffled brain about signing up for these courses. They all thoroughly explained how the environment is and what the course material is like. I felt everything was laid out there and I didn’t feel the need to ask further questions.  It was a little awkward in each of these because my loud friends and I were the only ones there. Sorry Mrs. James, Mrs. Cooke, and Mrs. Dzubin!

I believe students should’ve taken way more advantage of going on Panther Den tours even if they’re not interested in looking into the courses. Doesn’t an almost free period with friends sound nice? Even if students automatically know what courses they are taking, they can explore other ones they would be interested in taking for the future. Each tour probably had four students, including my friends and I, touring it. The most I saw was in the AP Capstone tour but that probably had about 10 students.

To conclude, diving into my first high school course selection was truly a learning experience. Among others, I was confused but without the guidance from administration and many other teachers, I don’t think I would’ve been able to come down to all these different decisions. I for one am hoping for some nice eye candy next year but choosing courses genuinely made me excited for what is next to come in my high school career.