GNI = Girls Night In

More people opt for cozy couch over busy movie theaters


Emi Velez

Laying on a couch with feet propped up at home in the comfort of ones home to watch a move beats the theater experience.

With so many entertainment options available at home like cable and Wi-Fi, why leave the house to go a theater? Anyone can see movie theaters dying off just like Block Buster did with movie rentals. There is no need to go out to theaters just to be bothered by strangers, miss out on the comforts of home and to pay exorbitant pricing.

Since people have the option to stay home in comfy clothes and have all the best snack options, what is the point of a movie theater? Movie theaters stir with germs and sometimes uncomfortable seats while at home there are cushioned couches and a clean area. In addition, staying at home gives the option to control the volume, lighting, and temperature. While the movie theater can be too cold or too loud, at home it is always just right. Another great thing about seeing the movie at home is that there is a rewind button to see a part again to better understand what is going on or if it is difficult to understand there is a close captioning choice.  Like the old saying goes, “there is no place like home.”

Seating at the movie theaters is important. Meaning it is better to be surrounded by friends rather than some random people.  Strangers at times do not care about disturbing others at the theatre. Bright screens constantly shinning in eyes is very distracting. Hearing loud talking or whispers is the worst especially when people pay for a good experience. Also, watching movies at home gives another better option to invite as many people over. This way there is relaxation and no worries about unwanted distractions.

But the average cost of a movie ticket is $8.12. With “upgraded” features, such as 3d movies or premiere seating that price can double. Also with candies or snacks like popcorn, that can add an extra three to eight dollars to the price. Saving money is what everyone likes to do so going to the movie theatre is not the “low price” activity to do.

Understandably the movie theaters can be fun with the smell of fresh butter popcorn and the going out-to-the-movie experience. Also getting out of the house can be nice and see it on a big screen with max volume. So then again movie theatres can be the way to go for fun night out.

So, as the cold weather keeps coming back, staying warm at home and being bundled in blankets is the best way to go. Rather than going out in the cold weather to go to the movie theater and spending a lot of money to hear strangers talking during the movie. Just stay home and have endless snacks. Staying home watching movies with comfort is better than going to the theatres spending money with strangers everywhere.