Fish Camp Success

          Here fishy, fishy. As new ninth graders prepared to enter the ocean of over 4000 students at Klein Oak, the Student Leadership Team and Student Council helped organize and set up the Fish Camp at the beginning of the year to get students ready.
          “We gave tips like: bring a jacket don’t lose your stylist and chargers for your laptop, and things that seem super basic but might help,” senior Student Council Officer Macie Hutto said. “I read through them [the tips] and I would have wanted to know about them.”
          To prevent confusion and put fears at ease on the first day, the freshmen were also given the opportunity to tour the campus in early August. This camp was set up with stations, games and races around campus.
          “There were four stations that we did…and the second was an amazing race where they would run around the building and look at a schedule and try to find each class,” leadership student Courtney Adams said.
          Student Council took the chance to give some advice to the freshmen about Oak that wasn’t given to them back when they were new to high school.
          “Things we wish we knew were tardies and absences and how to manage them so you don’t have to take finals,” senior officer Hailey Houchins said. “How to get involved in school like joining clubs, freshmen mixer, football games and dress up days, homecoming and Spring Carnival.”
          With a schedule in hand, the Class of 2022 were put to the test on the first day using their knowledge acquired from Fish Camp to aid in finding their way around the campus.
          The first day of high school, “was a little better than I expected it to be,” freshman Nicholas Powell said. “It was actually less confusing because I toured the school beforehand.”
          Furthermore, the freshmen have made a smooth transition from middle school to now walking through the halls with the rest of the student body.
          “I was kind of expecting it to be a big change,” freshman Kaydon Kenward said.   “I thought I was going to feel different or way older, but I didn’t.”