Diamond Girls Love Superstars

April 30, 2018

Bats, balls, and gloves aren’t just meant for pro baseball players, but even for people with disabilities and there is an organization that supports that. Lots of running, hugs, and high fives were passed around throughout the uplifting game.

Diamond girls have teamed up with Spring-Klein SuperStars Baseball Program for years to help players from ages 5-18 with physical, emotional or mental challenges play ball.

“The Diamond Girls have been buddies with the Superstars for seven years, sponsor Mrs. Kowis said. “We are part of the KO baseball program, have a love for baseball, and enjoy helping others. It has been incredible watching players as they get older. Some of the kids were in grade school when I met them and now they are teenagers playing on the “big” field.”

The Diamond Girls showed their support by being a buddy to each individual superstar. Buddies are needed for players on each of the six teams, as they take on the field to assist batting, running and catching. The girls were split up among three fields to partner up with all teams

“Before the game I was super excited to get out on the field and find my buddy,” Senior Madison Rhodes said. “I was partnered with Tre and he was so fast it was hard to keep up with him. Every time he would throw the ball or gain another base, he would give me two high fives. I loved how much the kids enjoyed playing because that made the experience even more fun for me.”

Not only students were able to help with this game, but a campus teacher also has the opportunity to coach one of the teams and help guide the children to have the best time on the field.

“Being a coach to these kids is amazing,” Joshua Williams said. “They are just happy to be out on the field playing. Having the Diamond Girls out means a lot to these kiddos and to me. We love having student volunteers come out and be buddies. The players enjoy having a buddy. I tell everyone if they are having a bad week, come watch our games. It will make your week 100 times better.”

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